What is Tweaker?
Tweaker is a shot of liquid energy that can make you feel alert and feel full of vitality for several hours. The synergistic effect of our Health Club Quality ingredients and a perfect blend of caffeine, should not leave you with a crash. It has zero sugar, zero calories and Zero Carbs.

Over the last seven years, every new entry in the energy shot category has failed including the biggest names in the energy business. Is there room in the category for Tweaker?
Your right, no matter how deep the pockets, all the big names have failed and no one has been able to lay a glove on the category leader. Tweaker has done just that. Tweaker has Nielson regions that put it over a 20 percent share with movement reports that shows for every four bottles of the leading brand, Tweaker is selling three. Tweaker is succeeding where all others have failed.

Why is Tweaker the fastest growing energy shot in the United States?
If you look at the Nielson ratings and all the major beverage publications, Tweaker has consistently been ranked number one in sales growth over the last fifteen months. Consumer demand for Tweaker is redefining the energy shot category. First, it delivers consistent, repeatable sales at high margins for the retailer and the wholesaler. High sales, high profit, and high demand pull everyone into the Tweaker game!

What has created the consumer demand and all the buzz surrounding Tweaker?
When all other energy shots have made promises to keep you going, Tweaker truly delivers. Tweaker is a designer energy shot with health club quality ingredients. This formula is a day changer!

What has Tweaker done for marketing?
Our marketing is very unconventional. Tweaker is a grassroots product with a huge consumer following. Our street level up distribution model and enormous social media campaign have fueled the metoric growth of Tweaker. Where other brands are merely paying for shelf space we are growing the brand organically so that by the time Tweaker hits the shelf, it is already selling.
We also do conventional marketing such a full NASCAR sponsorship, Magazine ads and a complete round the clock multi-market radio deluge. We also sample more bottles of Tweaker than most brands sell in a year at events, sponsorships and any gathering we can find. As 2013 ramps up, we will be increasing our marketing budget as well as marketing Tweaker internationally.

Why would a business selling three dollar shots want to carry Tweaker at a discounted price, and will this take away from three dollar sales?
When you combine high functionality with value pricing, a completely new subcategory is born. Just as energy shots increased the energy drink category, Tweaker has increased the energy shot category with its high functionality and value pricing. When a business brings in Tweaker, the entire category increases and it is not robbing Peter to pay Paul.

How did Tweaker get its name?
We actually named Tweaker from the formulating process. We tweaked the formula so many times that we began calling it Tweaker around the office and the name stuck.

Tweaker has done some innovative things with its brand, is this a focus of your company?
It’s not a focus or a goal, it just seems to happen. We were the first major brand to have pomegranate flavor. We were the first major brand to have a grape flavor. We were the first major brand to offer a mango-peach flavor. We were the first to offer deep discount promotional pricing. And we were also the first to ad calcium to an energy formula. So it makes sense that we are the first and only to present a challenge to the leading brand. This is not a “me too” product, Tweaker is something truly new and innovative.

What’s next for Tweaker?
Only time will tell. We have some major projects on the table that we are very excited about. As the industry changes it is important to stay ahead of the curve and bring something new and different to consumers. Expect big big things in the very near future!


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